Petrovice u Karvine: 41st annual competition unconventional firefighters

Anonymous Friday, July 31, 2015
On Saturday, July 25 took place in Lower Marklovice fire day. In the afternoon edition of the competition took place forty intake from the river Petrůvky in Lower Marklovice. Saturday's race was attended by 10 teams in two categories. Category older gentlemen over thirty-five years, and men's categories. Despite his advanced age, volunteer firefighters from Lower Marklovice and Doubrava, showed great performances.

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They proved that it definitely is not even scrapped. Among the oldest participants in the contest, was also Vladislav Koch of the volunteer fire brigade Doubrava. And as the whole competition and preparing what would wish the younger generation of firefighters? They also presented two teams of women. Top zadařilo volunteers from Rychvald. In the male category, dominated the competition from the men Doubrava. And how it all turned out? Other Fire event in Petrovice will contest in fire attack, which will take place on August 1 in Lower Marklovice.

Petrovice u Karvine: Festival Without Borders

Anonymous Friday, July 24, 2015

Festival without boundaries. Fun afternoon not only for children but also adults, whose first edition was held on Saturday, July 18 at the firehouse in Lower Marklovice.
The festival is organized corps of volunteer firemen from the Czech and Polish Marklovice Lower Upper Marklovice.
High standards of good mood at the outset temperamental Flamengo have set Petrovice "Desperate Housewives."
Exercises with "own weight" is presented WorkOut group of Karvina. It is currently one of the best and biggest groups in the Czech and Slovak Republic.
Clowns Chytrolín and crayon from faraway balloon confiscated his performance not only children but also parents.
Many a visitor used varied menu Czech Polish cuisine. The smell of grilled meat wafted through the area and the firehouse.
There was also snacks and cold drinks. Those in the hot afternoon literally "stabbed"
Between what children have taken attraction, adults can try their steady hand at rifle shooting.
The good mood contributed Švidrnoch George, who played for visitors to the festival known melodies, not only to listen but also to dance.